Our editorial orientation

We are a media of information and opinion, as our content responds mainly to these genres. We constantly investigate the issues of the world. Doing journalism since 2015 in our city.

The mission and vision of News Alwys

Our mission as a newspaper focuses on disseminating relevant news of the world. We became widely known as “New Alwys”, where we generally like to write informative content to which we seek to satisfy the need of the reader or user who visits our website every day.

At the moment we have stood out as the most well elaborated electronic newspaper independently in the world, we are a group of people who like to keep our community informed, despite having competition, we always rely on originality, therefore many users prefer us.

In addition our vision is mainly to reach male and female readers 18 years and older, from the socioeconomic group (high and upper-middle, low), having a strong component of opinion leaders. By doing this we make a relevant and high impact newspaper among the opinion makers of the world.

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